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FAQ and Terms & Conditions for Creators

What are Originals?

'Originals' are Video Projects or Collection of Videos in the format of Series, Shows, Documentary, Flicks etc that creators created to distribute online.

Do Creators need to upload videos on PipeCast Server?

Yes, irrespective of mode (free or paid) creators have to upload videos at PipeCast.But creator will have full control on data via Creator Panel (dashboard).

Do Pipecast change or edit uploaded videos ?

No, We do not edit or update anything in original content. Also we do not put any ads in between the videos.The videos is played to viewers in the original format ( raw format).

How Pipecast define Ownership of Videos ?

Pipecast do not own any content and we defined it clearly to the viewers( under our Viewer Policy). All the videos are the property of its uploader which is also hold the proper rights for the content.

Does PipeCast stream (upload) all type of Videos?

No, right now we Stream Original Content in format (type) of Show, Series, Documentary, Flicks with total minimum 25 minutes duration and in language in Hindi & English. You can read more in content policy section here If there is any confusion or query related to uploading or content policy drop us an email []

I am independent filmmaker/documentary maker can I upload my new or old flicks or documentary in few clicks?

Yes. You can start right now. Here is the flow - Sign-up, Create Project, Upload Video , Set Price ( in-case of paid mode distribution) and Launch your Original Documentary or Flicks. It is that simple To discuss more, please connect and drop us an email [] or drop a message in chat at right-bottom of this page. You can read about advantages of uploading original content at pipecast stream here Why to Upload

What is Paid Mode?

You can release your original content on paid mode where viewer needs to pay to watch content online.We call these originals 'Primes'. Viewers can watch your video for 30 days, after that it will not be available for them. Also, content will not be available for download. It is only for online streaming for 30 days. Learn More how paid distribution works at Pipecast here

What is Pay to Watch?

Pay to watch' means that viewers need to pay a certain price to watch content online that creator set per 'Original' (collection of videos). It does not allow Viewer to download the content but simply allow viewers to Watch (stream) the content for 30 days. It is like renting your Video for 30 days online. After 30 days, content will not be available for the viewer who initially pay for it.Learn More how paid distribution works at Pipecast here

How Pipecast protect the Paid Content ?

Pipecast take the full responsiblity to protect uploaded paid content and we are legally bound to protect it. On Pipecast, at the time of making the videos paid, we generate an aggreement and send the soft copy to the creator. It is the documents which mention all our obligation to protect the paid content at Pipecast.

What if I want to stop the streaming of my videos at Pipecast within 30 days.

We assure viewers that they have 30 days access to watch the video after payment so based on our mutual agreement with creators, we will stream your content for 30 days who pay for it, but we will stop the streaming service for new viewers after receiving your request for stopping the streaming of your content.Old viewers who pay for your content will enjoy it for 30 days in all cases.

How to stop streaming of my paid original content?

If you want to stop the streaming then you simply send a request to stop the streaming for new viewers. We will stop the streaming for new viewers.We will stop the streaming within 24 hours after your request. But viewer that already paid for your content, content will be available for them for 30 days. We will take your content down from our server after serving all viewers for 30 days who pay for it earlier.

Can I make a single Video paid?

Right now you can only make your originals (video project) paid.Documentary and Flicks are also Originals even they have single video. But you can not make single episode paid with in project or set price for single episode differently than other. You can only make the whole project paid (Original) and set the a single price on your project. Your project could be original show, series, documentary, flick (films). For example, your documentary has single video but you can make it paid.

Can I make my ongoing show or series paid ?

If you are going to release ongoing ( which is sill under production) show or series on paid mode then you have to declare the total number of the episode that your are going to produce in one season and have to upload at least 1/3rd episode.You can release (live) the episodes according to your choice of dates (one by one) but you have to upload minimum 1/3 rd episode of your show on Pipecast server. You can email us or send a message hereto discuss more.

You have to set price for your series or show based on seasons. So if you are planning to make 6 episodes then you have to set price for total 6 episode and upload 2 episodes to start with. Your total collection will only transfer to your account after the release of all 6 episodes. Because If you failed to produce all 6 episode then we will return the full money to viewers who initially pay the price to watch full show or series which will be 6 in the example above case.

Transaction & Payments For Creators

(1) - The creator will receive 100% after transaction cost deduction which may vary based on the mode of online transaction medium and geography. For Example, if You set the price 30 Rs. and viewer pay for it and if the cost of the transaction is 3% + 2 Rs of service charge from payment gateway then your collection will be 27 Rs on that transaction. As we are collecting money on your behalf so at the time of transfer money to creator bank account, transaction cost will be deducted based on the mode of transfer. But we do not take any percentage, it is free from our side. All deducted cost is transaction cost. Learn More about pricing & transaction here

(2) - Payment will be first receive at PipeCast and details will be updated to you creator panel in the transaction. You will also receive email notification on each payment.

(3) - In the case of full (complete) series, shows documentary or flicks. Payment will be transfer to creator bank account on every 7th day or 15 days (it is flexible ) after the releasing your content at PipeCast. Transaction Cost of bank transfer also will be deducted on the total amount on each bank transfer. In the case of ongoing show or series payment will only transfer after you uploaded the full season.

(4) - The creator must confirm/verify their bank account detail and communication before content goes live at PipeCast. For that you have to send email with the bank details with your mobile number and we will call you to confirm the details

(5) - All Transaction and Communication will be done with the Admin of Project who created the project and upload the content in creator panel. In case of any dispute, breach of contract or legal issue, the communication will be done with admin of project (upload/creator)

Pricing & Pay Mode Conditions

(1)- You can set the price range of 25 to 150 Rs for Each Original. Once the price is set and content go live you can not change the pricing for first 15 days. You can only change the price after 15 days of content release. So each price will be set for minimum 15 days. Learn More about pricing & transaction here

(2)- If the Video Content goes live on paid mode, you can not make live paid content into free content. You can only change the mode when content is on pending status (not live) from our side.

(3)- If the Video Content goes live, You can not make free content into paid content. You can only change the mode when content is on pending status( not live) from our side.

Mutual Agreement Policy

Mutual Agreement Terms

Mutual Agreement is part of the uploading process. It is an online agreement between creators and pipecast. It is applicable on paid content distribution. After accepting the mutual agreement, creators agree on “We as a platform has right to stream the content to viewers for 30 days after the payment."

Review Process

After uploading of your videos, we have a review process which will take 24-48 hours. During the review process, we verify your content based on our content policy. This process also includes a review of factors like technical quality, format and various another creative process factor. As we are in beta stage and we are only accepting limited uploads for now. It means we have to say no to some of the content :-) as we have limited capacity

Content Policy

Original Content Condition

Content must be Original, Professionally Edited & Produced.The creator who is uploading the video should own the Copyright and Distribution Rights. In the case of any copyright law violation, we will immediately disapprove the content. If we found out after the release (live), we will stop the streaming of content until we mutually resolved the issue. Currently, we are only uploading Hindi & English Content. All Copyright Violation & legality is subject to IPC and it will be resolve Court of Bangalore (Karnataka,India)

Mode of Launch

*For Releasing Content Free Mode

(A) - A total length of Original Content should be greater than 25 minutes.

(B) - Content must be original and recently produced. Original means that it should not be live or released on Cabel TV or Movie Theater.

If you your content is not fall in the original category and you already released in other platform but still want to launch your original at pipecast then please connect and send us an email at []

*For Releasing Content Paid Mode

Please Refer to Transaction & Prime Content Policy And FAQ on Transaction Above

Restrict Content Policy

Original Content included Nudity, Disturbing Violence, Religious hatred, Social hatred, Political Propaganda, Religious Agenda and any thing which is not acceptable in civilized society will not be released and taken down (if released). We respect freedom of speech and freedom of media but we are an unbiased non-political private company which have some internal policy and we reserve the right to take decisions based on these policies.

No Censorship But Content Level Policy

We don’t censor content. But All Original is certified into three level ,allocated currently by Pipecast and visible to viewer on Original Page. These levels are following

General & Parental Guidance : Any Content that contain sensitive topic , issue any depiction which required parental permission

Adult (Only for user above 18) : Any content that contain verbal abuse, adult content etc will fall in this level

Family & Kids: All content other than above levels

Objectional Content Report Policy

For Non - Fiction Original Content, any valid complaint ( based on facts) on data, facts, remarks, message etc included in the show, series or documentary will be taken into consideration. We will forward all complaint to the creator and ask for the reply which we make public (communication) . But In the case of the legal complaint, PipeCast reserve the right to stop/suspend the streaming of the content until the issue resolved.

FAQ on Payments & Transaction for Viewers

What is 'Primes' at PipeCast ?

We call paid/premium content 'Primes'. So any content that required a small price to watch known as 'Prime'

Are Payment Options Secure at PipeCast?

100% Secure. Payment has been done by credible third party services approved by RBI which will connect you to Internet Banking or Credit/ Debit Card Provider page.

How long i can see the content after paying?

You can watch the content for 30 days. After that, you may not able to watch the content. But for 30 Days from that date of payment, you will have access to watch every video that you paid for.

Do I need to pay for every single video separately in any show or series?

No. In pay to watch, you only need to pay the one-time amount on 'Originals' to watch all videos related to that show, series, documentary or flicks. For example in 50Rs, you can watch 5 episode series.You only pay for 'Originals' that means the collection of videos.

Can I download the Video?

Right now you can only watch the Video Online. There is no download option available. Forced downloading with piracy tools will be considered as illegal. It will be considered as online piracy under the Law. Appropriate legal action will be taken against user ( detected IP owners) in case we find out any such activity

Can I share my account information (credential like username & password) for paid video to my friends who is in different machine or location?

No. Please do not do it. It will be considered as unethical practice and also unfair to creators. It is our humble request please share the link of Originals to your family & friends and request them to pay to enjoy the content. There is hard work & cost behind every paid video so please respect it. You pay for every service or product, why not online videos that have the quality standard.

Who am I paying to, PipeCast or Creators?

You are paying directly to Creators via PipeCast. Right now we will receive your payment and transfer it to creator account. So Creator receives 100 % after deduction of transaction cost deducted by online payment gateways ( transaction cost may vary depending upon the mode of payment, currency, and geography).

Why should I pay for Originals (collection of video) when there are plenty of free content available (Legally and Illegally)?

Paying Directly to Creators to Watch Content is the Future of content distribution and alternative for cable tv system. In India, It is considered taboo or uncool to pay/paid subscription to watch something but we forget that people are always paying to watch content in the cinema hall, paid subscription cable network or DH and DVD. But yes paying online to watch any content or paid subscription of any show or series or network or platform is a new concept but it will become obvious when you see the benefit of the new system where you have full control and access on content and get quality content anytime, on any device.

Is there any Refund Policy?

There is no refund policy in case if you did not watch the content within 30 days or you personally did not like the content. Refund will be only considered on some exception cases. For example, if technically you are unable to play the video on our platform (website) and not able to stream the content on your laptop/desktop/tablet. In that case, first you have to contact us with your issue and provide us 7 days to solve the problem. After that refund will proceed if we unable to resolve the issue. So 7 days will be reserved for our technical team to resolve the issue. Currently In the case of the mobile device, a refund will not be considered in any case

General FAQ About PipeCast

What is 'Web Originals' or 'Online Originals'?

Quality Original Video Content that are only available on the web (internet) to watch are known as 'Web Originals' or 'Online Originals'. We do not stream any video content that is previously telecast in traditional TV channels or released in the theater.

What is the difference between Originals and Videos?

We call all shows, series, documentary or flicks 'Originals' so Originals are the collection of Videos. For Example, a Series name 'XYZ' may have a couple of episodes that is 'Videos' and Series XYZ will be called as Originals.

Do we serve (puts) Ads on Videos (after or end of any video) like other video streaming platform?

No and Never. We are Ad Free Platform. Pipecast will never put ads on videos or in our platform. Creators who own the content may use Promotional Videos in their video content, but it has some limitations. For example, we do not allow promotional videos for sponsors or product in the middle of content (videos/episode). We have a policy for using promotional videos for creator's promoting their sponsors. Here we are building a world's first Ad-Free Video Streaming Platform.

What is 'Flicks' ?

Flicks are any fictional feature content that are more than 25 minutes long.

Does PipeCast produce the content that available at PipeCast?

No. We do not produce or involved in the production process of any content. We do not own any content, all content belongs to the creator. We are only a streaming platform where any creator as individual or group or production studio can upload & distribute the content. We do not own the Intellectual Rights for any content. We just have a simple mutual agreement with creators.

Does PipeCast take responsibility of all content that are available at stream?

No. We just stream the content that has uploaded by creators. We do not own or produce any of the content so anything which is in the video content belongs to creators (uploader or owner of content). Only Creators own the responsibility. Views & Expression showed in the content does not represent the PipeCast Views & Position.

Does PipeCast change or edit or cut any video content that has been uploaded and available on the platform ?

No, not at all. We stream content the way it has been uploaded to our platform. It is completely transparent and open process.Creators have full control on content.

Does PipeCast has Content Policy?

Yes. We have Content Policy. They are general policy which we believe must be obeyed in the civilized society. A Certain type of content we do not allow and in case it has been uploaded, we will take it down.

Is this platform safe for kids ?

yes, but some content may require adult supervision and some original content put the restriction on kids.

How I report the video content, if I found it objectionable or any other serious issue?

You can write us to [], But we believe in freedom of expression of creators. But we also respect the social & culture values. So if you have solid points based on facts & data to object on any content then you can write to us at [ ]which we will forward to the content creator as well. But we do not own that content it means we are not responsible for video content legally or ethically.

If there is any specific questions or query then you can connect to us anytime at or send your message here

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