About us

PipeCast is a Bangalore based tech startup. We are building two products Pipecast Stream and PipeCast Colab. Our mission is to build an Online alternative to traditional advertising based Cable TV and alternative to traditional content disribution. No More Ads ! No More Cable TV ! No More Licensing Issue !

For Viewers, we are building an Original Content Discovery & Streaming platform which aims to provide a simple way for Viewers to discover and watch new original content on Internet. We imagine a future where anyone sitting at home can discover quality video content from any geography and watch it whenever one wants to.

For Creators, our platform will be an end to end solution from Project collaboration to Content Distribution & Delivery from single Creator Panel (dashboard) to multiple video platforms.

Our Vision is to Democratize Video Content Discovery, Creation and Distribution. We are working towards creating an product ecosystem where video content creators and viewers can directly connect in a truly open manner. Everything that we said here, we mean it :)

Pipecast Stream is an open streaming platform and do not produce any content. All original videos are owned by their respective creators.

Our Platform

One Platform | Two Products

PipeCast Stream

Pipecast Stream is our original video content Discovery and Streaming Platform. Here Creators can directly upload their videos in Free/Paid mode and viewers can Subscribe/Pay creators directly. We only stream original content in Show, Series, Documentary and Flicks formats that is produced only for the web audience. We call it Web Originals.

PipeCast Colab

PipeCast Colab is our collaboration platform for Video Creators, Artists, Technicians and all other creative professionals working in the domain of video production. If you are a creative professional or a video producer, you are invited to join our Creator collaboration community at PipeCast Colab and connect with fellow creators for collaboration. Once you finish production, you can launch your Project video at PipeCast Stream. and find creators for video project, ongoing video projects and launch your videos at PipeCast.

Meet the Team

We are a bunch of engineers who believe that transformative change can happen with great use of technology and by building useful & easy products for people

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